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Candida Wadsworth

We Give You the Tools You Need to See Your Child Succeed

- Ms. Candida Wadsworth

Educational Coaching and Resources for Parents, Teachers, and Schools

Parents - Are you unsure of how to help your child or feel intimidated by their school work? We can give you tips and tools on how to best support your child at home that will not cause unneeded stress in the household.

Teachers - Are you struggling to understand your data and how to push your students to the next level? we can work with you to identify areas of gaps and areas of high achievements so you can see exponential growth.

Schools - Are you struggling to see progress in your students and make state testing requirements? We can create a program to help boost overall test scores and close those achievement gaps for all students.

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Meet Candida Wadsworth

Candida Wadsworth – Delivering Quality Education in Diverse Settings
Active in the South Florida and Las Vegas educational sphere, Candi Wadsworth has held a number of academic leadership positions over the past decade. As principal of a Vertex Education campus from 2020 to 2022, Candi Wadsworth oversaw strategic planning and curriculum goal setting for K-8 Charter School in North Las Vegas. Working with faculty and administrators, she designed programs that helped improve student performance.

Ms. Candida Wadsworth previously spent four years with the Coral Academy of Science Las Vegas’ Nellis Air Force Base Campus as assistant principal. Aligned with Nevada Educators Performance Framework (NEPF) standards, she provided monitoring and mentorship of lead teachers and instructional coaches, while supporting classroom management and instruction. She also helped coordinate tests across the curriculum and oversaw trainings that met state mandates.

Ms. Wadsworth’s experience extends to teaching middle school math, science and biology, and she also chaired the science and math departments of the Renaissance Charter at Coral Springs Campus. She was active on the staff survey and professional development committees, and she served as a family life/HIV/AIDS trainer.

Ms. Wadsworth has extensive experience working int Title 1 schools and increasing student performance and learning gains. Ms. Candi Wadsworth believes every student is capable of being successful, it just takes the right person to teach them in the way that they learn best. We are not creating widgets we are creating people; therefore, we must realize there is not a cookie cutter approach to student success.

Candida Wadsworth